Sunday, April 23, 2017

Number 189: Nik Kershaw - Dark Glasses

"Wouldn't It Be Good" and "The Riddle" may be Nik Kershaw's biggest hits, but in my opinion his best song is this one, from his 1984 debut LP Human Racing. Kershaw had an up-and-down career, from obscurity to headlining Live Aid and back to obscurity again. One thing that never changed, however, was his songwriting ability, which still has him in high demand today. "Dark Glasses" tells the story of a policeman or soldier who, while following his orders, reminds people that he has his own opinions and feelings. It's a great mid-tempo New Wave tune and hits #189 on my Top 200.


  1. Wow nice find - never heard this. Would have been an excellent one for the soundtrack of Walken's mercenary flick 'Dogs of War'